August Update

Two months ago we told you about our June trip to Cambodia. (And Amy wrote about our trip — with photos — in four installments on our personal blog: first, second, third, fourth.)

In July and August, we’ve been doing deputation (partnership development) full-time. For me, this typically involves calling and emailing pastors to schedule services, setting up meals with friends for individual presentations, sermon preparation, and various other tasks. In terms of actual travel, we’ve had three services and a week at a camp as the featured missionaries. We thank God for giving us a full schedule of services from now through the end of the year, with a growing schedule in the New Year.

Becca and Isaiah have traveled great so far (PA and NY), in no small part thanks to Amy’s amazing skills as in-transit entertainer. So far, I’ve stayed awake while driving, thanks again to Amy. (And thank you for your prayers for both these matters!)

We are excited to report that our current support level is at 36%. (To see a breakdown of the numbers, go to our Praying and Giving page and scroll to the bottom.) We anticipate that we will be at 49% when our sending church completes the process of approving their support for us.

Would you pray with us:

  • That Amy would have grace for helping the kids with all the travel (which is quite unsettling for their schedules).
  • That in the next two months we can schedule several more presentations with individual prospective donors.
  • That God would give us safety on the road.
  • That God will be preparing us for our first year in Cambodia: spiritually, emotionally, physically

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