Short prayer update (Aug. 30)

A few prayer requests and praises:

Amy is thankful for a good tutor who comes to our home four days a week. Pray for Amy as she continues to learn the complicated alphabet and sound system of Khmer. (Amy told me yesterday after her lesson that she had noticed marked improvement in her reading over previous days. This was very encouraging.)

I am meeting with a couple tutors until the end of September, at which point I’ll be enrolling in a Khmer language school. Pray that I can make good use of my study time and be prepared for Level 3 classes when the school starts in a month. (A praise connected with this: I had three days lined up for tutors coming in, and this past Thursday, one of them told me he can also come on Friday, so I now have 4 days covered.)

Continue to pray that we can find ways to meet and interact with our Cambodian neighbors.

A discipleship opportunity with an English speaker has presented itself. Pray that I can help this friend learn the basics of the Faith and grow in his relationship with Jesus.

We praise God for providing a part-time helper who comes in the mornings to clean and prepare a meal. The kids call her “yayyi” (grandmother), and in addition to helping around the house, she’s providing additional language opportunities for everyone. [For you Khmer speakers, you transcribe that as yiey.]


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