Our Vision

Our vision is to assist the indigenous Jarai tribal churches in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia, through Bible translation, teaching, and resource development.

The Jarai people in Cambodia
The Jarai people in Cambodia

The Need

Tucked into the northeast corner of Cambodia are between 20,000 and 25,000 people who speak the Jarai language (unrelated to Khmer, the national Cambodian language). The church among the Jarai people has been growing over the last couple decades so that now, between 5% and 10% of Jarai people in Cambodia are evangelical Christians.

However, the Jarai in Cambodia do not have a Bible translation in their dialect; instead, they use translations made for the Jarai people in Vietnam, whose dialect of Jarai is very different from the Jarai dialects spoken in Cambodia. Because of this, it is very difficult for many Cambodian Jarai to read the Bible. (In fact, some even prefer the Khmer translation of the BIble, in spite of the fact that most Jarai in Cambodia have limited reading fluency in Khmer.)