Praying & Giving

If you have a special interest in our ministry, there are two primary ways to help us: praying for us and joining our support team as a pledged donor.


Please pray for us — and if you have a special burden for our ministry, pray for us regularly and specifically. By receiving our updates, you can stay current on how we need prayer. Pray for our spiritual growth. Pray for our family life. Pray that we will set our ministry goals in submission to the Spirit and then pursue them with diligence.

Praying for “the missionaries”: some ideas

Financial Giving

As vocational missionaries, we rely on regular financial support from churches and individuals. If you have questions about our ministry or about joining our team of financial supporters, don’t hesitate to call us (817-522-4383) or to email us ( If you would like to join our support team, we encourage you to download our Pledge Card (pdf) and send it in. For instructions on sending in financial support, go to our How to Give page.

More about financial support

Current Support Level

We have been fully supported since coming to Cambodia in July, 2014.